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Analysis of the flexural capacity and design requirements for compensation
Dec 02, 2016

Directly buried expansion joints are mainly suitable for axial compensation and with superior bending strength, so I do not consider the impact of pipeline sinking and direct-buried corrugated casing and guide sleeve under the protection of free expansion compensation, other properties with the bellows and the same.

Installation notes:

1, for directly buried type ripple compensator to compensate, compensation must be fixed on both ends support to prevent pipeline relocation stretch affected by the intrinsic pressure thrust force.

2, direct-buried one end of the bellows (one-way refers to compensation for direct-burying compensator dead-end) near the end of the fastening bracket, live with a compensation compensation pipeline.

3, the amount of compensation according to the directly buried type ripple compensator set a distance between two fixed support, compensation is generally small in diameter.

4, pressure in the process of directly buried bellows may not appear stretched.

Angular compensator compensators took over, the corrugated pipe and connected with the taking over of a pair of hinge Constitution. It can absorb only a single plane angular displacement. Absorption shift should have two or three angular compensator using a combination, and hinges with withstanding intrinsic pressure thrust force the ability. Working temperature ¡ü 420 degrees, 1000 times the fatigue life.

Of pipe support design requirements:

Angular compensator should be two or three for a group supporting the use to absorb the lateral displacement of the pipe, z-shaped and l-shaped pipe segments between two fixed pipe supports, allows you to install only a transversal type compensator or a set of angular compensator. Plane perpendicular to the axis of the hinge pin must be formed in the bent section plane (universal joint compensators are not affected by this restriction). With a group of hinged compensation tube, with plane frame gap ε can be calculated according to the above. But l length should be the distance between two compensation hinge shaft, x is the vertical pipe thermal expansion.