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Considerations for expansion joints
Dec 02, 2016

1, expansion device due to length restrictions for transport can be segmented manufacturing, field splices. Storage expansion device shall be placed parallel to the site, and shall not cross-stacked to prevent deformation.

2, out of the box, connection clamps for easy transportation of only, which slot is not to be. Expansion joint installation, should be carried out beneath the engineer's approval. Such as design documents provided to bridge design files provided as the basis.

3, expansion devices before hoisting should be concrete in a reserve tank, clean. Installation Shi telescopic device Shun bridge to of width a, value, should symmetric put in expansion joints of clearance Shang, and makes its top surface elevation and design elevation anastomosis Hou pad flat, then wear put scale to of joins level steel, will telescopic device Shang of anchorage steel and beam Shang pre buried steel sides welding prison (as increased welding points and welding length, to extended telescopic device of using life), relax fixture, makes its free telescopic, at telescopic device has into work State.

4, after the above process is complete, install the necessary template to prevent the mortar into the joint, and then carefully clean with water. C50 concrete pouring concrete in a reserve tank. Shall take the necessary measures when placing concrete, vibrating compaction.

5, concrete after initial set, pull the template, removing special-shaped steel expansion joints and foreign bodies within the loaded tape slots.

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