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Metal compensator fixed at install time is important
Dec 02, 2016

1, the Compensator should be checked before installation the models, specifications and piping configuration, you must comply with the design requirements.

2, the Compensator should be careful with inner sleeve within the package directions and flow in the same direction, the hinges of hinge-type compensator plane should be consistent with the displacement rotational plane.

3, the need for "cold spring" compensator, pre-distortion with ancillary components should be installed behind the line can be removed.

4, non-deformation method to adjust the pipe corrugated compensator installation error, so as not to affect the normal functioning of compensator, reduce the service life or increase the load of piping, equipment, support Member.

5, installation process, does not allow welding slag splashing into the shell surface, does not allow other mechanical damage to shell.

6, after the installation of the pipeline should be removed as soon as possible on the bellows as a yellow-assisted positioning for installation components and fasteners, and according to design requirements will limit device adjustment to the specified location, so that adequate compensation under the environmental conditions of the pipeline capacity.