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Metal compensator in water resources and hydropower industry Outlook and prospects of
Dec 02, 2016

Energy structure of China's electric power industry is mainly dominated by coal-fired. In 2008, China's CO2 emissions surpassed United States (6.37 billion tons), as the world's largest CO2 emitter, China's CO2 emissions reduction has been under increasing pressure by the international community.

Hydropower is the most development potential, and the large-scale development of renewable and clean energy. Utilization of hydropower development in China is only 34%, well below the 60%-70% the average level of developed countries. At this stage of our economic development, technical and cost constraints, low-cost hydropower is currently the preferred alternative energy economy under the condition of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Under Eleven-Five plan, future hydropower development in China is mainly concentrated in 13 major hydropower bases. Twelve-Five plan also proposed continuing development of Sichuan and Yunnan Provincial Department of water resources at the same time, after 2020 focus will gradually shift to rich hydropower resources of hydropower construction in Tibet and Xinjiang.

Looking at the process of hydropower development in the country, water resources in river basin development generally follow the "low-high" and "easiness" sequence. "Low-high" refers to the river basin development in General is to first build the downstream station, then gradually upstream; "easiness" refers to the development of power plants, mostly in geological conditions, transportation and construction more convenient place. With the upstream hydropower construction and further development, more and more hydropower stations will be built in complex geological conditions on the plateau and the mountains, power station penstock will greatly increase the demand for metal compensator.

China's hydropower capacity-building (design, manufacture, installation, and so on) has now stepped into the advanced ranks in the world, with China's foreign investment, increase in financing projects in recent years by overseas large-scale hydropower project of China's hydropower group showed a significant growth trend, and for the metal compensator provides the opportunity for a new overseas market. It can be predicted that over the next decade, metal compensator in water resources and hydropower industry will usher in a new situation in the development of the application.