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Metal compensator product performance
Dec 02, 2016

Name material type material

Code working temperature performance


H80 H-60 bellows ¡æ ~+100 ¡æ elastic low hysteresis and residual large, good solderability. Can be used for non-corrosive medium and precision instruments as the measuring units.

Tin bronze

Corrugated pipe QSn6.5~0.1 X-60 ¡æ ~+100 ¡æ elasticity, strength and corrosion resistance are good, slow and less elastic after-effect, good soldering properties, is widely used as a measuring element.

Beryllium bronze

Bellows QBe2 P-60 c ~+150 c has a small hysteresis and elastic after-effect, high-elastic stability, corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic. Of measuring instruments for high accuracy.

Stainless steel

Corrugated tube 1Cr18Ni9Ti G-194 c ~+400 c has a high bending fatigue strength and corrosion resistance, weldability is good. Can be used in a corrosive medium of measurement, seals, connections and components.