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Metal expansion joint strength tests with what media
Dec 02, 2016

Metal expansion joint strength test after installation in the piping system needs, and ensure that it can run perfectly under the pressure of work, metal expansion joint strength tests of medium, usually water, useful also for compressed air and inert gases, but the test of high pressure metal expansion joints are not allowed to experiment with gas dielectric. Because water of compression sex is small, liquidity is big, by pressure Hou, soon full pipeline and will pressure uniform to to metal expansion section wall Shang, once found rupture or strength enough and damaged, water that penetration out, not produced burst sex explosion injury people, and damaged equipment; if with gas for strength test, gas is can compression of, although also can quickly to will pressure passed to metal expansion section and equipment the part, bearing pressure system in the appeared trachoma, and crack, gas can leaked out, Once confined partially damaged due to heightened pressure, gas expansion, there is a certain risk, such as high pressure steam pressure is more dangerous.