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BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier Always Clean And Keep Clean
Jun 26, 2017

First, the internal circulation of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier: through the operation of the compressor → exhaust port discharge high temperature and high pressure gas → into the condenser cooling → into a low temperature and high pressure gas → through the capillary closure → into a low temperature and low pressure of the liquid → evaporate through the evaporator Hot → return to the compressor into a low temperature and low pressure gas. So the cycle.

 Second, the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier outside the cycle: in the case of normal boot → through the operation of the fan → humid air from the inlet inhalation → through the evaporator → evaporator to the water in the air adsorption on the aluminum plate → into a dry air → Heat through the condenser → blow out from the outlet.

three. Flow chart BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier that refrigeration system cooling all the heat through the air-cooled condenser to the evaporator after the dehumidification of the air, the treatment of air heating temperature, the air temperature than the wind about 15 ℃ higher. The air treatment process is C → L → A. Heating and dehumidification is suitable for ε <0. Figure 3 in the air-cooled condenser and evaporator in series with the same wind system, is the temperature rise BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier schematic.

four. Features

Heating BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier can only eliminate indoor moisture, and not only can not eliminate the waste heat, but increased the indoor heat, will make the indoor temperature, can only meet the requirements of humidity, can not meet the temperature requirements. In order to prevent the condensation to ensure the service life of the equipment, the summer pool temperature is better than 16 ℃, according to the water temperature value of 10 ~ 12 ℃, set the design of indoor dew point control at 14 ℃. Interior design temperature can refer to the ordinary air conditioning design parameters, set at 23 ℃, and the relative humidity should be based on the corresponding control dew point to determine, about 50%.

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier use precautions and maintenance methods

Condenser should always be cleaned and kept clean. BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier should be placed in the central indoor position. BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier access to the outlet shall not have obstruction, the filter network should be clean. When the ambient temperature is below 15 ℃, the water droplets attached to the surface of the evaporator will freeze and the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier effect will be weakened. If the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the pressure will increase and the compressor will be overloaded. Should cut off the line, otherwise the compressor motor will be damaged. So the best use of BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier temperature range of 5 ℃ ~ 38 ℃, microcomputer control BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier due to automatic defrost function, the use of temperature range to 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. If the humidity in the air below 30%, too dry and uncomfortable, so reliable humidity controller to be controlled to maintain the range of 50% to 60%. When used doors and windows as close as possible, so that the indoor dehumidification effect. The body should be placed flat, can not tilt or cross, to avoid the machine failure or abnormal sound. BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier within the water is too full, in order to avoid overflow of wet ground, and must be transported in the operation of the body, please unplug the power cord, and then drained the water inside the bucket.

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier after moving the best static before the four to six hours, and then boot, due to BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier compressor pipeline contains cold coal, after moving, the cold coal must go through four to six hours of time to return to the original position. Regularly cleaning the filter network (about once a week), in order to maintain the machine dehumidification, dust removal efficiency and life. Cleaning the purifier network to 40 ℃ below the water can be washed; with detergent cleaning better, washed away after the water washed clean, dried and then back into the body. Clean up the body, gently wipe with a damp cloth; to avoid direct splashing water, so as not to damage the electrical insulation. The body surface with adhesive, can be washed with soap and water to avoid the gasoline, oil, solvent or spray insecticide spray to avoid the occurrence of paint or discoloration phenomenon. Can not be used to bar, wire to dig inside the machine, so as to avoid failure or danger.