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BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier At Any Time Check Whether The Disassembly Is Convenient, Whether Damaged
Aug 04, 2017

With the warming of the weather, the demand for BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifieris also increasing, but it is also very important for consumers to pick a good product. Today, Xiaobian here is listed in the eight to buy dehumidifier when the precautions, you can buy as a dehumidifier to ensure the quality of the reference.

1Visual inspection. Watch dehumidifier various parts, whether the fine workmanship, plastic surface is smooth, uniform color. Plating the surface of the smooth, there should be no flaking, exposed, scratches and other defects.

2Check the wind guide plate: the wind guide plate should be able to move up and down or left and right, not too tight, not too loose, should be allocated in any position can not be automatically shifted.

3Filter is often removable parts,BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier should check whether the disassembly is convenient, whether broken and so on.

4The function keys, knobs to check the dehumidifier panel knob should be flexible, landing, not loose, do not slide. Computer-controlled dehumidifier function selection button light and flexible must not have card keys and so on.

5Power check. For the whole dehumidifier, can be power check, heating: winter or low temperature when the purchase of dehumidifier, hot air function can be tried,BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier power a few minutes, there should be hot air out.

6Noise and vibration check. Dehumidifier in the dehumidification movement, can not have abnormal impact noise and other noise, vibration can not be too large.

7Electrical performance check. Check the power cord, the power plug is in line with specifications, forced pull the power cord should not be loose or pulled out. Conditional, can measure the dehumidifier cold insulation resistance.

8Accessories, technical documents inspection. Should check the manual, certificate, warranty card, packing list and other technical documents are complete,BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier according to the packing list check the annex is complete.

Day and night temperature difference between the weather easily lead to indoor humidity, for this situation developed a dehumidifier products. But many air conditioning also have dehumidification function, can replace the dehumidifier? The principle of dehumidification between them is not the same?

Air conditioner dehumidification principle in two modes with dehumidification function:

Refrigeration mode This is the mode that any air conditioner has, and is the most basic function of the air conditioner. Air conditioner cooling process must be accompanied by dehumidification, humid air through the air conditioner evaporator after the temperature will be significantly reduced,BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier the air humidity in a supersaturated state, the excess water vapor in the form of condensate precipitation, condensation in the evaporator fins, That is, condensation, until the cooling mode to achieve a certain balance, the air humidity will drop to a certain level.

Independent dehumidification mode This way is known as the industry temperature dehumidification, its basic principle is to cool the air through the evaporator and then heated to the original temperature, and then into the room, so that the indoor environment in the case of humidity to maintain The relatively constant. There are two ways to heat the outlet temperature: one is to use electric components to heat the air through the evaporator. This type of air-conditioning in the indoor unit with electric devices,BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier when the air through the evaporator (surface temperature) precipitation of condensate, and then by the electric heating device has been cooling this part of the air, so that the air conditioner outlet and the inlet temperature to maintain the same ; The other is the use of heat generated by the condenser to heat the dehumidified air. This type of air conditioning is set to two switches, in the independent dehumidification mode, respectively, switch to the evaporator and condenser, the same air through the evaporator a (surface low temperature) precipitation of condensate, and then by the condenser b (surface temperature) Way one of the role of electric components, the same air conditioner outlet and the inlet temperature to maintain a basic line. These two heating methods are only heating devices and different heating methods, the latter is purely physical way.