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BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier Improve Dehumidification Effect
Sep 26, 2017

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier is a very common household appliances, can effectively reduce the indoor humidity, reduce the breeding of mold and other bacteria, the protection of household appliances, computers, cameras, equipment and other non-moisture damage. So how do you use BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifiers correctly? What should you pay attention to when using it? Xiaobian in this article for everyone to carefully introduce some.

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier use skills

1. See instructions:

    Home BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier after buying back, before use, may wish to carefully read the manual. Which are a detailed description of the basic functions of household BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifiers and the use of household BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier precautions, which for novice, it is necessary to directly affect the dehumidification effect.

2. master the basic knowledge:

    When you read the instructions, you can start the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier, because you have mastered some of the methods and techniques of using household BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifiers. The use of the process, may encounter some common problems of BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifiers, such as: noisy, no dehumidification, leakage, poor results and so on. You can consult the manufacturer, you can also find a solution through the network.

3. Attention to maintenance:

    Regular maintenance and maintenance of household BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifiers, not only can maintain good performance, but also extend its service life. Usually, the home BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier need to regularly clean the filter and the transducer (about once a week), the body surface if there is adhesive, can be washed with soap and water to avoid gasoline, oil, solvent or spray insecticide spray, To avoid peeling or discoloration. In addition, if the parts aging, it is necessary to replace.

In the case of dehumidification, if the operation is not easy to cause the failure occurred. In the common failure of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier inside, some are caused by operational errors, some because of the impact of the environment, there is the instrument itself is the problem.

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier refrigeration systems and other refrigeration equipment room similar, but because of its particularity, in the dehumidification effect is poor, it may not be BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier itself. Such as room temperature exceeds 40 ℃, BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier start to stop frequently; BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier operation, the indoor temperature rise or the presence of musty in the room and so on may be caused by BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier power failure.

Common dehumidification faults are: voltage is too low, loose socket, loose wiring, wiring error, fuse blows and other failures; BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier protection device power supply disconnected; water heater placement is not correct, BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier automatically stop, so we Be sure to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier.

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier in the air filter plug, poor ventilation, indoor wet air is difficult to flow through the evaporator, thus affecting the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier dehumidification effect, then need to check and clean the air filter, wait until after drying and then installed.

The outlet is blocked, resulting in poor airflow, thus affecting the dehumidification effect, this time the need to BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier outlet of the obstacles removed, or move the location of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier to improve the dehumidification effect.

Deaerator in the refrigerant shortage, will directly lead to insufficient cooling capacity, reduce dehumidification effect, this time need to add refrigerant to improve the amount of BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier cooling.

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier precautions

    1, the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier should be used to avoid the use of heat, to keep the inlet and outlet flow, under normal circumstances BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier should be placed in the middle of the space more appropriate, there should be enough space around, do not stack items. Keep the air smooth, you can achieve the effect of dehumidification evenly.

    2, frozen BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier in low temperature (18 ℃ below) environmental conditions, will frost or icing, with defrost function dehumidification opportunities automatic defrosting, but without defrost function BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier, available artificial defrost (power The way). Under normal circumstances, low temperature, humidity is also low, less than 40% humidity, dehumidification effect may be unknown may not be obvious, the speed is slower, which are normal.

    3, the room ambient humidity is set to 60% or less, can be effectively moisture dehumidification, to prevent mildew. Wet quilts and mattresses seriously affect our sleep quality, can be dehumidified by BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier to dry the quilt and mattress, the specific operation is to close the door closed the room, no case will be set to dry air humidity file, it will be Humidity is set to comfort.

    4, dehumidification capacity is measured under standard environmental conditions if the dehumidification volume of 50 liters / day, that is, 30 ℃ / RH80% of the environment for 24 hours measured the water volume. BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier in the course of operation, the outlet of the hot air is the normal operation of the phenomenon of the machine, the winter humidity is low, the outlet temperature is also significantly decreased, is a normal phenomenon.