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BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier To Ensure That The Discharge Of Dry Air From Pollution
Jun 15, 2017

Lifting BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier, many people are not familiar, especially in the south of the people living in the rainy season will usually use BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier for dehumidification. However, most people just stay in the use of the level, the working principle of the dehumidifier is not very aware of, in fact, the principle of dehumidifier is very simple, here to tell you about what the principle of dehumidifier.

No matter what kind of electrical products, they are in the work of the time there is a certain operating principle, and it is with such a principle, can make the dehumidifier can work properly. In short, the dehumidifier in the dehumidification of the time, it works mainly by the dehumidifier fan internal fan will be damp air into the machine, and then through the heat exchanger to the water molecules in the air condensed into water droplets,BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier after The treated dry air will be discharged out of the machine, after repeated cycles will make the indoor humidity to maintain a suitable relative humidity, which is a dehumidifier of a working principle. Professional is divided into two parts: internal circulation and outer circulation.

First, the internal circulation of the dehumidifier: through the compressor operation → exhaust port to discharge high temperature and high pressure gas → into the condenser cooling → into a low temperature and high pressure gas → through the capillary closure → into a low temperature and low pressure of the liquid → evaporate through the evaporator Heat → return to the compressor into a low temperature and low pressure gas. So the cycle.

Second, the dehumidifier outside the cycle: in the case of normal boot → through the operation of the fan → humid air from the inlet inhalation → through the evaporator → evaporator to the water in the air adsorption on the aluminum plate → into a dry air → Heat through the condenser → blow out from the outlet.

Here to bear dehumidifier as an example for a brief description. When the bear dehumidifier is started, the air inlet will inhale the humid air, and then the water molecules in the air will condense into the water droplets through the compressor and the evaporator and the condenser. The treated dry air will pass through the large power Turbine fan exhausted the machine, so the cycle of work to achieve dehumidification effect.

Understanding the working principle of the dehumidifier will help us to better use the dehumidifier, because the dry air is through the inside of the fuselage, so the daily use of dehumidifier when the industrial dehumidifier to pay attention to the internal health. Such as dehumidifier internal dirty,BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier the body is also susceptible to infection. So the filter net pay attention to weekly cleaning, the condenser should be kept clean. In addition, the purchase can also choose to have the purification technology products, such as bear dehumidifier using the initial filter, activated carbon filter, UV and negative ion purification technology to ensure that the discharge of dry air from pollution.