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BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier To Prevent Excessive Vibration, Positioning Should Be Placed After A Smooth
Jul 05, 2017

In the case of dehumidification, if the operation is not easy to cause the failure occurred. In the common failure of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier inside, some are caused by operational errors, some because of the impact of the environment, there is the instrument itself is the problem.

Dehumidification effect when the inspection work

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier refrigeration systems and other refrigeration equipment room much the same, but because of its particularity, in the dehumidification effect is poor, it may not be BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier itself. Such as room temperature exceeds 40 ℃, BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier start to stop frequently; BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier operation, the indoor temperature rise or the presence of moose in the room and so on may be caused by BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier power failure.

Common dehumidification faults are: voltage is too low, the socket is loose, wiring loose, wiring error, fuse blows and other failures; BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier protection device power disconnected; water heater placement is not correct, BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier automatically stop, so we Be sure to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier.

Factors affecting dehumidification

BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier in the air filter plug, poor ventilation, indoor wet air is difficult to flow through the evaporator, thus affecting the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier dehumidification effect, then need to check and clean the air filter, wait until after drying and then installed.

The outlet is blocked, resulting in poor airflow, thus affecting the dehumidification effect, this time the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier outlet need to remove the obstacles, or move the location of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier to improve the dehumidification effect.

Deaerator in the refrigerant shortage, will directly lead to insufficient cooling capacity, reduce dehumidification effect, this time need to add refrigerant to improve the amount of BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier cooling.

1. Master BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier performance in the relevant data (from the product manual to understand), in particular, the use of voltage standards and start the interval of the provisions of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier within a short time can not frequent start and stop, after the interval should be at least 3 minutes after the stop Re-start, or easy to damage the compressor;

2. BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier power supply should be dedicated power supply, the power supply is recommended to install 10A manual recovery circuit breaker, so that both the effective protection of the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier, but also to prevent accidental leakage caused by human danger or leakage of fire caused by fire hazards;

3. BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier for the mobile, should be used to rotate the position; BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier placed in the middle of the house should be as far as possible in order to facilitate the flow of air throughout the house to achieve a more reasonable and more uniform dehumidification; BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier placement should be close Goods, and into the wind surface of the goods, important goods or humidity must have a certain requirement of the goods should be directly facing the pumping

Wet machine, the principle of placing the goods from the important to the secondary, from near to far the principle;

4. Move the BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier, you should disconnect the power, moving must be upright, not lying, and to prevent excessive vibration, positioning should be placed smoothly; after moving at least 5 minutes after the interval, and then start BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifier;

5. Into the air outlet of the wind can not have obstacles, so as not to affect the air flow and reduce the effect of dehumidification, should be allowed to enter and out of the wind as far as possible the space, into the outlet should be at least 1 meter of space, Conducive to the flow of air throughout the house, as far as possible to reduce the phenomenon of local dehumidification;

6. Often clean the air inlet filter to prevent dust clogging, affecting the air flow, the filter should be cleaned once every 1 to 2 weeks;

7. Drain pipe should be connected to the sewer or water containers, should be regularly checked whether the obstruction of the sewer, especially reminders, such as filled with water containers should be timely pouring water, careful water overflow;

8. The doors and windows of the room should be closed to prevent the outside of the humid air into the proposed room with insulation measures, and the room must consider the moisture measures;

9. BBD Blast Furnace Dehumidifiers should be placed in places that can avoid direct sunlight and away from heat equipment;

10. Often check the work system is normal, if abnormal sound appears, should stop repair; such as running in the metal ring when the sound should be immediately shut down to see if the fan impeller hit the volute, drainage failure before re-use;

11. Strict storage inspection, the water overrun, rain and water has been heated and mild mildew of the goods, should focus on special area, such as temporary designated "sick area", the plane focused on dehumidification, to prevent the impact Other goods

12. When the room temperature is lower than 18 ℃, the relative humidity is less than 60%, the evaporator has appeared frost, this time ordinary type should stop using, and auxiliary heating type should open the electric heater, use the temperature to improve the air dew point temperature, Effective dehumidification purposes.