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Bearing An Important Factor In Life
Aug 04, 2017

The bearing is an important mechanical foundation connection, widely used in the mechanical industry. It can be said that there is rotation where there is bearing. Automobile as a modern society, the main means of transport, the automobile industry has become China's main pillar industry, which also plays an important role in the bearing. Many of the car security parts, such as steering gear, engine and gearbox, etc., can see the bearing figure. Automotive bearings as a branch of the bearing, bearing, impact and high-speed rotation and other special properties, the performance of passengers, drivers and the safety of the vehicle itself has an important impact.

Heat treatment as a key process in the manufacturing process of automotive bearings, the quality of its processing and raw materials is the impact of bearing life of the two important factors. In the following, the author based on their own work experience and knowledge, from the automotive bearing materials, heat treatment design, heat treatment process, heat treatment equipment, heat treatment technology and heat treatment development direction, the automotive bearing heat treatment technology to do a brief exposition.

Bearing parts heat treatment quality is an important factor in determining bearing life. At present, the main automobile bearing production enterprises in China can basically guarantee the heat treatment quality of the parts, but the precise control of the parameters of the heat treatment process, the use of the quenching medium and the capacity of the heat treatment equipment are not enough, so that the quality stability of the heat treatment of the bearing parts is Big gap. Foreign advanced enterprises have been generally implemented CQI-9 quality standards in the country is limited to individual enterprises of the selective trial, which also doping to deal with foreign enterprises to review the factors. Therefore, a comprehensive and conscious implementation and promotion of CQI-9 quality standards, should be the domestic bearing manufacturers to improve the quality of heat treatment, to meet or exceed the advanced level of foreign only way out.

With the popularity of computer technology, automotive bearing heat treatment equipment has been able to basically achieve a single production line of computer control, the precise control of the heat treatment process parameters have a great role in the protection.

After we use the computer control, the production efficiency and foreign advanced enterprises still have a large gap compared to the operation of workers, per capita labor income is low, is the status of domestic heat treatment enterprises. Ten foreign heat treatment production line only need a few people to operate, we have dozens or even hundreds of people. The reason is because we only do a single computer control, not to focus on computer control. Of course, the centralized control of the heat treatment plant is a huge system process that requires the pre-optimization of the pre-heat processes and the need to completely solve the problem of heat-treated parts. But after all this is our direction.

In general, the bearing under reasonable working conditions, the cage will not be damaged, but in the daily production of the wrong operation will reduce the life of the bearing cage, the following we look at the reasons to promote the bearing cage fracture.

Bearing operation in a lean state, easy to form adhesive wear, the working surface of the state deteriorated, adhesive wear caused by tearing objects easy to enter the cage, the cage to produce abnormal load, may cause the cage fracture.

Creep multi-finger ringing phenomenon, the mating surface in the case of insufficient amount of interference, due to sliding the load point to move in the direction of the surrounding, resulting in the ring relative to the shaft or shell to the circumferential direction of the phenomenon of deviation.

Installation is not in place, tilt, the excess amount is too large and so easy to reduce the gap, increased friction heat, the surface softening, premature abnormal flaking, with the expansion of peeling, peeling foreign body into the cage hole, resulting in cage Operation block and produce additional load, exacerbating the wear of the cage, so the deterioration of the cycle, it may cause damage to the cage.

Cracks, large pieces of different metal inclusions, shrinkage, bubble and riveting defects nails, pad or two half cage with the surface of the gap, serious riveting, etc. may cause damage to the cage.

Foreign hard foreign body or other impurities in the invasion of things, exacerbated the wear of the cage.

We understand the reasons for the fracture of the bearing cage, in the future when using imported bearings to avoid these problems to ensure that the equipment can run properly.