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Bearing Clean And Dry, No Environmental Pollution
Sep 26, 2017

The bearing is an important mechanical foundation connection, widely used in the mechanical industry. It can be said that there is rotation where there is bearing. Automobile as a modern society, the main means of transport, the automobile industry has become China's main pillar industry, which also plays an important role in the bearing. Many of the car security parts, such as steering gear, engine and gearbox, etc., can see the bearing figure. Automotive bearings as a branch of the bearing, bearing, impact and high-speed rotation and other special properties, the performance of passengers, drivers and the safety of the vehicle itself has an important impact.

Heat treatment as a key process in the manufacturing process of automotive bearings, the quality of its processing and raw materials is the impact of bearing life of the two important factors. In the following, the author according to their own work experience and knowledge, from the automotive bearing materials, heat treatment design, heat treatment process, heat treatment equipment, heat treatment technology and heat treatment development direction, the automotive bearing heat treatment technology to do a brief exposition.

Advanced bearing design should be based on the bearing service environment, the use of individual and differentiated design to meet the actual bearing conditions requirements. Domestic bearing individualized and differentiated design is still insufficient. In addition, the bearing heat treatment design is also an important factor affecting the bearing life. Bearings contain four pieces: outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and cage. Foreign advanced bearing enterprises on the inner and outer ring and rolling body have different hardness requirements, many domestic production of automotive bearings of the top enterprises have begun to try, but subject to the general industry standard bearings "high carbon chromium bearing steel rolling bearing parts heat treatment technology conditions" In the hardness requirements of the scope of the bearing parts hardness design has limitations. At the same time, the domestic bearing heat treatment process and equipment level is also affecting the realization of individual and differentiated design factors. In short, China's automobile bearing design and foreign advanced enterprises compared to the extensive stage, many sub-areas without specialized research, imitation design majority, less independent design, bearing design technology is more lacking.

Bearing parts heat treatment quality is an important factor in determining bearing life. At present, the main automobile bearing production enterprises in China can basically guarantee the quality of heat treatment of parts, but the precise control of the parameters of the heat treatment process, the use of quenching medium and the capacity of heat treatment equipment are not enough, so that the quality stability of the heat treatment of bearing parts is Big gap. Foreign advanced enterprises have been widely implemented CQI-9 quality standards in the country is limited to individual enterprises of the selective trial, which also doping to foreign enterprises to review the factors. Therefore, a comprehensive and conscious implementation and promotion of CQI-9 quality standards, should be the domestic bearing manufacturers to improve the quality of heat treatment, to achieve or exceed the advanced level of foreign only way out.

 Bearing installation using the skills explained

Install the bearing should be evenly force, can not directly hammer. Such as: with a larger interference, the bearing should be placed in the automatic temperature control of the air heating furnace or oil furnace heating, heating temperature strictly controlled at 120 ° below.

Bearings with nylon cage can work continuously at -40 ° -120 ° for a long period of continuous operation, at 150 ° should not work more than 4 hours, short-term temperature peak should not exceed 180 °.

Storage of the warehouse should be clean, dry and chemical products are not allowed to store a library, the relative humidity should not exceed 65%, and the bearings are not allowed to floor storage.

Stock bearings should be re-cleaned once every other year for rust-proof packaging.

The user should use the requirements to select the appropriate fit and bearing the strength of the clearance. After unpacking, please align the bearing code. Before the installation of the bearing, if the grease in the bearing, the grease must be clean, moderate.

Installation is not directly hammered inside, outer ring end and roller is appropriate, so as not to break the inner ring or medium and small ribs. Usually the user should put the bearing into the mineral oil heated to 90 ° -100 ° immediately installed on the spindle. Do not use the local burning method of the bearing, in the difficult "hot" when the user should also use a dedicated sleeve to install.

Bearings should be used in a good sealed dust-proof device and lubrication, can not break the oil.

Bearing warehouse should be clean and dry, no environmental pollution, bearing stacking does not fall, no damage packaging. Stock over 1 year of the bearing must be re-cleaned with oil.