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Bearing Good Dimensional Stability And Good Mechanical Strength
Jun 02, 2017

Bearing the installation is correct, affecting the accuracy, life, performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department for bearing installation should be fully studied. Hope to follow the operating standards to install. The operating standard items are usually as follows:

(1) cleaning the bearing and bearing parts

(2) Check the size and finishing of the connected parts

(3) installation

(4) after the installation of the bearing inspection

(5) Supply of lubricant

Hope to install the assembly before, just to open the bearing packaging. General grease lubrication, no cleaning, direct filling grease. Lubricant lubrication, ordinary do not have to clean, but the instrument or high-speed bearings, etc., to use clean oil to remove the rust coated on the bearing. Remove the rust inhibitor bearings, easy to rust, so can not be placed disregard.

Furthermore, the grease has been sealed, do not clean the direct use. Bearing installation method, due to bearing structure, with the conditions vary, in general, as many shaft rotation, so the inner ring needs interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearings, presses with multiple presses, or multi-purpose hot pack method. Taper hole, mounted directly on the taper shaft, or with a sleeve.

Installed to the shell, the general clearance with more than the outer ring with the amount of interference, usually press the press into, or there is cooling after the installation of the cold shrink with the method. With dry ice as a coolant, cold shrink with the installation of the occasion, the air will condense the water in the bearing surface. Therefore, the need for appropriate anti-rust measures.

2 bearing material

Rolling bearing rings and rolling body, one side to withstand high contact pressure, one side with a sliding contact with the sliding. Cage, side with the rings and rolling body on both sides or one of its sliding contact, while the tensile and compression force. Therefore, the bearing rings, rolling elements and cage materials, performance and other major requirements are as follows:

(1) rings, rolling material required by the performance: rolling fatigue strength, high hardness, high wear resistance;

(2) cage material required performance: good dimensional stability, good mechanical strength.

(3) need good processing. According to the use of different, but also requires its impact resistance, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance.

Ferrule and rolling material

Ferrule and rolling elements are usually made of high carbon chromium bearing steel. Most of the bearings use SUJ2 in JIS steel. Large bearings use SUJ3. SUJ2 chemical composition, in the world, as the bearing material has been standardized. For example: with the AISL52100 (US), DIN100Cr6 (West Germany), BS535A99 (UK), etc. are the same kind of steel.

Further need to impact the case, as a bearing material using chrome steel, chrome molybdenum steel, nickel chrome molybdenum steel, carburizing quenching, the steel from the surface to the appropriate depth of a hardened layer. With the appropriate hardening depth, fine organization, the appropriate hardness of the surface and the hardness of the carburizing bearing, bearing than the use of bearing steel has excellent impact resistance, the general carburizing bearing steel chemical composition. NSK, DKF implementation of the vacuum degassing treatment, so the use of high purity materials, oxygen content, good quality.

And then using the appropriate heat treatment, so that the rolling bearing life of the bearing significantly improved. In addition to the above steel, according to special purposes, but also the use of high heat resistance of high-speed steel, good corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

Cage material

Stamping the material of the cage, using low carbon steel. According to the use of different, also use brass plate, stainless steel plate. Cut the material of the cage, use high strength brass, carbon steel, and also use synthetic resin.

3 bearing the custody

Keep the bearing first of all to take full account of the size of the size of the custody of the bearing, followed by the need to consider the necessary handling space and equipment to ensure that storage and access will not impact the bearing. Do not place the bearing directly on the ground.

Therefore, to configure the appropriate shelves, and the bottom of the shelf should be higher than the ground 30cm. In the general packaging state, due to storage environment varies, anti-rust effect of 13 years. Special circumstances need to keep nearly 10 years, you can take soaked in (as a bearing lubricant) turbine oil and other oil storage methods.

(A) the installation of bearing operations

There are many ways to install the bearings, the same job after the installation of the processing. After the bearing is installed, be sure to apply the outer ring to the bearing lubricant.

A. Lubricant coating

1. Grease lubrication, the application of lubrication covering all the roller surface, painted after the end of the outer ring to restore the location.

2. When the oil is lubricated, apply the oil to the surface of all the rollers and finish the rest of the outer ring.

B. After coating, covered with plastic film, such as dust.

(B) the removal of bearing precautions

The removal of the bearings is carried out at regular intervals or when the bearings need to be replaced due to abnormal operation. Regular maintenance Need to replace the bearing bearings often, when removing the bearing to understand the reasons for the occurrence of abnormalities to prevent further abnormalities, at least to retain the following items.

1. Collect and retain the used lubricant.

2. Keep the damaged bearings.

3. Keep records of unusual events during operation.

4. Keep the bearing record when the operation is abnormal.

4 bearing maintenance

In order to make the bearings fully and long-term to maintain its proper performance, we must do a good job of regular maintenance. Through proper periodic inspection, it is important to improve productivity and economy by making early detection of faults and preventing accidents.

(1) cleaning

Remove the bearing inspection, the first use of photography and other methods to do the appearance of records. Also check the amount of the remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing.

The cleaning of the bearing is carried out by rough washing and fine washing, and a metal grid can be placed at the bottom of the container to be used. When rinsing, remove grease or sticks in the oil with a brush or the like. At this point if the oil in the rotation of bearings, attention will be due to foreign bodies and other damage rolling surface. After the fine wash in the oil slowly turn the bearings, carefully carried out. Commonly used cleaning agents are neutral water-free diesel oil or kerosene, and occasionally use warm alkaline solution and so on. But no matter what kind of cleaning agent, should always filter to keep clean. After cleaning, immediately on the bearing coated with anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease.

(2) inspection and judgment

In order to determine whether the removal of the bearing can be reused, to focus on checking its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and with the surface, raceway, cage and seals and so on. On the inspection results, can be used by bearings or proficient in the bearing to judge. The criteria for judging vary according to mechanical properties and importance, as well as the inspection cycle. If the following damage, the bearing shall not be reused, must be replaced.