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Bearing Increased Plant Productivity And Efficiency
Jun 15, 2017

During use, the basic external conditions of the bearing operation should be monitored frequently, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurements. These regular inspections will detect potential problems early and will prevent unexpected machine downturns, enabling production plans to be achieved, and increasing plant productivity and efficiency.

During operation, the bearing is required to have the correct lubrication again, perfect for its performance. Micro-bearing lubrication method, divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to make the bearing a good function, first of all, to choose the appropriate conditions of use, the purpose of lubrication method. If only consider lubrication, oil lubricity is dominant. But grease lubrication can simplify the structure of the bearing around the expertise.

The accuracy level of the bearing is increased from 0 level, which is sufficient for the general purpose 0 level, but requires 5 or higher accuracy when used in the conditions or conditions shown in Table 1.

Although the above accuracy level is based on the ISO standard for the development, but its name in the national standards are different.

Lists the accuracy levels of the various bearing types and the comparison between national standards.

Dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and housing installation)

1, the diameter, diameter, width and assembly width of the allowable deviation

2, the roller group within the round diameter and outside the circle diameter of the allowable deviation

3, the allowable limits of the chamfer size

4, the allowable amount of change in width

Rotation accuracy (items related to rotating body beating)

1, the inner and outer ring allows radial runout and axial runout

2, the inner ring allows horizontal beating

3, the allowable variation of the inclination of the outer diameter surface

4, thrust bearing raceway thickness of the allowable changes in the amount

       Standard bearing size in many forms, the design of the mechanical device is best to use the standard bearing bearing load, the load applied to the bearing, its nature, size, direction is changing. Normally, the rated base load is shown on the dimension table. But the axial load and radial load, etc., is also an important factor in selecting the appropriate bearing. When the ball and needle bearing the size of the equivalent, the needle roller bearings usually have a higher load capacity and withstand greater vibration and shock load.