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Bearing Installation And Removal More Convenient
Jul 05, 2017

Selection of bearing type, the installation and removal of the bearing is easy, must also be considered comprehensive, especially for large and extra large bearings installation and removal is particularly important. General outer ring separable angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings, installation and removal of more convenient, their inner and outer ring can be installed in the shaft or shell hole. In addition, the tapered bore with tapered bore, tapered roller bearing with adapter sleeve, double row cylindrical roller bearing and self-aligning ball bearing are also easier to install and disassemble.

Bearing installation method, due to bearing structure, with other conditions vary. In general, due to the rotation of the shaft, so the inner ring needs interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearings, presses with multiple presses, or multi-purpose hot pack method. Taper hole, mounted directly on the taper shaft, or with a sleeve.

Installed to the shell, the general clearance with more than the outer ring with the amount of interference, usually press the press into, or there is cooling after the installation of the cold shrink with the method. With dry ice as a coolant, cold shrink with the installation of the occasion, the water will condense in the air on the surface of the bearing. Therefore, the need for appropriate anti-rust measures. The installation of bearings generally requires the use of professional tools such as bearing heaters.

1, cylindrical bore bearing installation

(1) Press the press method

Small bearings are widely used in presses. The pad into the inner ring, with a press machine quietly pressed to the inner ring and close to the shaft shoulder so far. The outer ring pad pad on the inner ring, is caused by the indentation on the raceway, the reasons for crushing, so be absolutely prohibited.

Operation, it is best to paint in the mating surface in advance. Occasionally use the hammer to beat the installation of the occasion, in the inner ring pad on the pad operation. This practice has often become the cause of bearing operation, so, limited to the case of small interference, can not be used for large, or large, large bearings.

Such as deep groove ball bearings and the like non-separable bearings, inner ring, outer ring are required to install the occasion of the interference, with pad pad, with a screw or oil pressure, the inner ring and outer ring at the same time. Aligning ball bearing outer ring easy to tilt, even if not with the interference, but also the best pad pad installed.

1, improper assembly of bearings, such as cold when the bearing inner ring bearing the inner ring wear, resulting in bearing inner ring and bearing with the loss of interference or interference smaller, there is running the inner ring phenomenon, when installed motor cover Uneven percussion led to the end of the bearing chamber and bearing outer ring with too loose to run the outer ring phenomenon. Whether running the inner ring or running the outer ring will cause the bearing run temperature rises sharply so as to burn, especially the running inner ring failure will cause serious wear and bending shaft. But the intermittent running outer ring under normal circumstances will not cause a sharp rise in bearing temperature, as long as the bearing intact, allowing intermittent running outer ring phenomenon exists.

2, the bearing cavity is not clean or the grease is not clean. Such as the bearing cage within the tiny rigid material is not completely clean, runway bearing roller damage caused by high temperature rise burned bearings.

3, the bearing re-replacement processing, the motor cover after nesting large or oval or excessive oval caused by bearing ball clearance is too small or uneven lead to friction when the bearing run increased, the temperature rose sharply until the burn.

4, due to the fixed, the rotor core axial misalignment or re-axis machine after machining accuracy is not enough, resulting in the bearing, the outer ring is not a section on the bearing run "eat Beijin" after the temperature rise until the burn.

5, due to the motor body running temperature rise is too high, and the bearing added to the grease is not timely caused by lack of oil or even burned.

6, due to different types of grease mixed with bearing damage.

7, the bearing itself there are manufacturing quality problems, such as roller rust, rotation is not flexible, clearance exceeded, cage deformation.

8, standby machine does not run long, grease deterioration, the bearing rust and not in the repair.