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Bearing The Importance Of Life And Reliability
Oct 26, 2017

Failure to identify or predict the malfunctioning of Bearing in operation without a disassembly check is important to improve productivity and economy.

The main identification is as follows:

1) Identification by sound

Recognition through sound requires a wealth of experience. Must be fully trained to be able to recognize the bearing sound and non bearing sound. To this end, the work is done as far as possible by professionals. The sound of the bearing can be heard clearly on the shell with a listening sound stick.

2 through working temperature identification

This method belongs to the comparison method and is limited to the situation where the operation state is not changed greatly. Therefore, the continuous record of temperature must be carried out. In the event of a failure, the temperature will not only increase, but also irregular changes. This method is suitable for sound recognition.

3) through the identification of lubricants

The sampling analysis of lubricant, through its degree of pollution, whether mixed with foreign bodies or metal powders to determine. This method is particularly effective for Bearing or large Bearing that are not close to observation.

The bearing can not be observed directly in operation, but the abnormal bearing may be checked by noise, vibration, temperature, lubricant and so on.

In order to determine whether the removed bearing can be reused, it is necessary to check the size accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and mating surface, rolling surface, cage and sealing ring.

1. Bearing accuracy. The size deviation and rotational accuracy of the domestically produced Bearing are very close to the imported Bearing. However, there is a certain gap between the discrete degree and the imported Bearing. Foreign countries have already started to study and apply the precise index of rotation precision such as "no repetition", and China's research is still blank.

2. In vibration, noise and abnormal sound. Japan has introduced mute and ultra quiet Bearing, and the Chinese bearing vibration extreme level compared with Japanese Bearing, generally the difference of more than 10dB.

3. In terms of longevity and reliability. Taking deep groove ball bearing as an example, the life expectancy of foreign famous brand products is more than 8 times times of the life expectancy (up to 30 times times), reliability is more than 98% (or the pursuit of life with the host), and the life expectancy of Chinese Bearing is generally only 3 to 5 times times the life expectancy, the reliability is about 96%.

4. In high-speed performance. The DMN value of foreign famous brand products reaches 4 by 106 mm min, while Chinese Bearing are only 2 times 106 mm min. (current data may vary)

Although the domestic Bearing and imported Bearing have a lot of gap, but after the Chinese people continue to be sure to develop more high-quality bearing products, there will be many excellent bearing enterprise birth. Look at everybody!