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Compensator Durability Test
Dec 02, 2016

Design fatigue life by the corrugated pipe compensator of the failure type analysis can be seen, bellows, circumferential plane stability stability and corrosion resistance are related to its fatigue life of displacement. Lower fatigue life will result in bellows stability and corrosion performance. Based on the experiments and experience fatigue life of bellows for heating engineering shall be not less than 1000 times.

Bellows could not load-bearing, lifting alone unless the design stretching or deformation as cold spring on the outer, non-deformation of corrugated pipe to adjust the pipe installation errors; Setup does not allow welding slag splashing into the corrugated tube and other mechanical damage; bellow all the activity element shall not be external components jammed or restricted their activities at work.

Most of bellows failure is corrosion caused by the external environment, so to compensate for the structural design, consider isolating external corrosive medium in contact with bellows. Axial external pressure type compensator in the outlet ring increases with the outlet pipe packing gland, it acts as a sleeve compensator, which can resist the invasion of external corrosion, and bellows increase the security barrier, even bellows damaged, compensation can also play a role in compensation and avoid bellows failures.

Compensator compensators and non-metallic and metal compensator, according to different uses, can also be divided into professional embalming compensator and high temperature compensator.