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Compensator For Reliable Research
Dec 02, 2016

Remedies the reliability design, manufacture, installation and operation of multiple links. Reliability should be considered from several aspects. Material selection for bellows material used for heating networks, in addition to taking into account the working medium, temperature and external environment, should also consider the possibility of stress corrosion, water treatment chemicals and pipe cleaning effects on materials, and based on the combination of bellow materials for welding, molding and material price-performance ratio, optimized bellows of the economical and practical materials.

Normally, selection of bellow materials shall meet the following conditions:

(1) high elasticity, tensile strength and fatigue strength limit, ensure the bellows work.

(2) good plasticity, bellows-forming, and through subsequent processing (cold hardening, heat treatment, etc) get enough

The hardness and strength.

(3) good corrosion resistance, meet the corrugated pipe work in different environments.

(4) excellent welding performance, meet the corrugated pipe in the production process of the welding process.

Gutter installation of heating pipe network, when compensators the pipe when the low-lying, rain or accidental sewage soaked bellows should be more considering the selection of corrosion-resistant materials, such as iron-nickel alloy, high nickel alloys, etc. Due to the high price of such materials in the manufacture of corrugated tube, consider only add a layer of the surface in contact with corrosive medium corrosion resistant alloys.