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Compensator Selection Techniques
Dec 02, 2016

Compensator, rectangular, rounded waves, a single expansion joint in the pipe under two dimensional displacement. Consists of 2 expansion joint of the elbow pipe can withstand three dimensional displacement. Rectangle rounded metal bellows expansion joints are full height, half-high, in accordance with the flue size, stress-strain requirement users can choose multiple nodes.

1, and user according to tube Department hot displacement situation selected has right of compensation device yihou, at least also have provides tube of circulation media, smoke duct of design pressure, run Shi of highest temperature, smoke duct cross section of shape size (long, and wide) by selection of waveform (full high 216mm, and half high 108mm) and wave number (single corrugated single number not over 6 wave), to for compensation device of structure design and manufacturing.

2, maximum allowed expansion of each wave: full height α = ± 24mm half-high α = ± 12mm.

3, the ash plate: pipeline can not use for duct or less dust, flue should be used on the dusty gray.

4, in order to reduce the number of corrugated bellows, consider cold-drawn 50%.

5, the Compensator suitable cross section area less than 4.6 square meters as well as flue dimensions are less than 1.5M than 0.6mm. Standard full height type ripple compensator suitable for all duct smoke.