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Compensator Series Has The Ability To Compensate For Angular Displacement
Jul 05, 2017

Compensator Series with rectangular cross-section, rounded corners, a single expansion joint in the pipeline to bear the two-dimensional displacement. The elbow duct, which consists of two expansion joints, can be displaced in three directions. Rectangular fillet metal corrugated expansion joints are full height, semi-high, according to the flue size, stress and strain requirements of the user can be multi-band selection.

The Compensator Series is often called an expansion joint and is called a telescopic section, which belongs to a compensating element. In the industrial directory can be classified as: mechanical industrial products - construction - pipe - Compensator Series (bellows). Compensator Series products can be divided into: corrugated Compensator Series, sleeve Compensator Series, rotary Compensator Series, square natural Compensator Series, and several other types. Which is more commonly used in corrugated Compensator Series. Generally in accordance with the form of compensation is divided into axial type, angular type, horizontal type, according to the connection is divided into two types of flange connection and welding, we come together to see a specific:

Axial Compensator Series

Mainly used to compensate for axial displacement, can also compensate for lateral displacement or axial and transverse synthetic displacement, with the ability to compensate for angular displacement, but generally do not use universal Compensator Series to compensate for angular displacement.

Requirements for pipe rack design:

1, the installation of axial-type Compensator Series pipe section, in the pipeline blind side, elbow, variable cross-section, with cut-off valve or pressure relief valve department and side branch line into the main line entrance, should set the main fixed tube frame. The main fixed pipe rack to consider the bellows static pressure and deformation of the role of elastic force. The thrust is calculated as follows: Fp = 100 * P * A Fp - Compensator Series Axial pressure push (N), A corresponds to the effective area of the corrugated average diameter (cm2), P - The maximum pressure (MPa) of the pipe section. The axial elastic force is calculated as follows: Fx = f * Kx * X FX- Compensator Series axial elastic force (N), KX-Compensator Series axial stiffness (N / mm); f- (Including the pre-deformation amount △ X = 0), f = 1/2, otherwise f = 1. Piping In addition to the above-mentioned parts, the middle fixed pipe rack can be set. The middle fixed pipe rack does not take into account the role of pressure thrust.

2, in the pipe between the two fixed pipe rack, can only be set up an axial Compensator Series.

3, the Compensator Series should be close to the fixed pipe rack, if too long will have to set the first guide frame to set the guide frame, the other frame can be calculated according to the maximum distance: LGmax- maximum pitch (m); E- (N / mm); i-tp pipe moment of inertia (cm4); KX-Compensator Series axial stiffness (N / mm), X0-compensation rated displacement (mm). When the Compensator Series is compressed and deformed, the symbol "+", when the tensile deformation, in line with "-". When the pipe wall thickness is designed according to the standard wall thickness, LGmax can be selected according to the relevant standards.