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Damper Make The Piano Sound More Crisp
Jun 15, 2017

Damper While opening the piano for its internal maintenance at the same time, just for the piano for internal cleaning. However, before reading this guide, do not easily and hastily move the vacuum cleaner's nozzle into the individual positions of the piano.

First, prepare for the inside of the piano before cleaning

The internal environment of the vertical piano is dark and closed, and many people generally do not include it in the daily cleaning project. Therefore, which often accumulate a large number of amazing dust, debris and residues, mixed with moth eggs, insects, rats discarded ... ... older piano, often there will be rats hiding. Sometimes even birds and hamsters can be found! I often even found in the piano inside the dog hair, but so far,Damper have not witnessed how the dog is drilled into the.

Therefore, you must treat it as a biological hazard for the first time (for the first time the old piano has been experienced) for the old vertical piano. In the cleaning of this piano, the author will routinely wear glasses, masks and gloves, in this, I also suggest that you take the same protective measures.

In terms of cleaning work,Damper the convenience of the horizontal piano is that most of its interior is easier to access and is far from the ground; the inconvenience is that if its top cover is open for a long time, More dust collection.

Second, start the observation before cleaning work

Any type of piano that has been placed in an open fire environment needs to be treated with care because its inner surface may be covered with a layer of soot. I still remember clearly that I have tried to use the old vacuum cleaner for a coal mining area from the piano cleaning in the tray care. Within a few seconds, the entire studio submerged in the darkness, the author began to think that the lights were out of trouble. However, the removal of smoke was covered with glasses, I found that a large number of ultra-fine coal dust from the vacuum cleaner garbage bag to escape,Damper making the whole studio was enveloped in the black carbon particles formed by the dark clouds. An hour later, these particles gradually precipitated down, covered the entire studio.

Therefore, before cleaning, you have to check whether the inside of the piano is covered with a layer of particles, because the particles in the piano during the demolition process is very difficult to control,Damper which has been proved. Moreover, these particles may also be toxic. The author usually found in the piano for the killing of moths of white powder, the powder contains illegal chemical DDT (DDT).

3. Use the appropriate tools to clean the inside of the piano

When cleaning work for piano (except disc tray), it is best not to use vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner. The suction of the vacuum tool can easily cause the felt on the damper and the blankets on the other parts to fall off, and the vacuum cleaner may cause some of the damper to be separated from the entire line of the damper; if you want to be between the strings or The strings behind the use of vacuum tools, which may even lead to piano sound.

The best way to clean the inside of the piano is to use a compressor to blow dust and debris from the debris, which can only be done in the studio or outside. However,Damper if the dust is not much, then the piano does not pose a hazard, nor does it affect its playing function. In this case, the use of the compressor may be overkill. Only when the stringer in the dust is very much, will constitute a larger problem, it is worth using the compressor such a "chopper."