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Expansion Joint Reduce The Deformation Of Wood
May 18, 2017

Carefully observe the mahogany furniture, will find a lot of parts of the furniture will have a slit. That is, professional terms in the "expansion joints." Many consumers do not understand the situation may think this is the furniture design errors caused by the production. In fact, this seemingly inconspicuous "expansion joints" is very critical. It is not due to furniture design errors caused by the design, on the contrary, the expansion of the Chinese classical furniture is a traditional processing technology.

This is like a traditional Chinese furniture production process - tenon structure, do not use a nail, through the combination of tenon and saddle the furniture components assembled. Shrinkage is also one of the traditional furniture production process. It exists in response to the wood "warm swelling" of the physical characteristics, improve the life of mahogany furniture has played an important role.

Expansion joints, is a traditional Chinese classical furniture processing technology, that is, for the furniture parts with the seasonal changes in the climate and the normal expansion of the reasonable gap reserved. Its width is generally within 0.3-0.5 cm, the purpose is not to break the furniture frame or corner, the width of the expansion joints according to the wood of wood and the size of the final use of furniture to determine the regional climate characteristics.

Spring and winter dry weather, after artificial wood production of furniture, the general to stay extension joints, otherwise, the arrival of wet summer, the big edge will rise bad. On the contrary, the material dried in winter. Over the years to install, although it can be loaded up with a strict fit. But the rainy season will certainly rise season. Unless it is in the four seasons change the humidity of the place to do the furniture, but also in the local use. There are different materials should not be the same, relative to the small changes in the lobular red sandalwood, woody wood is relatively large.

Mahogany furniture, the material is the most natural, with a certain degree of activity, with the surrounding environment temperature changes in thermal expansion and contraction, there is life, there is temperature, there are fresh human nature. Therefore, different seasons are related to the shrinkage joints.

Material characteristics determine the size of the shrinkage joints: expansion joints in the Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture everywhere, the general Ming and Qing furniture are left with expansion joints, in particular, save the edge of the slotted plate combination tenon can not be separated from expansion joints, such as sash ring plate, Door, chair, desktop, face and so on. The purpose of the expansion joints is to prevent the furniture from framing or cornering; the highest standard of the extension joints is that when the air is wet, the board moves to no expansion joints and does not break the border.

In order to reduce the deformation of wood, mahogany in the production of furniture, there is a strict drying process, some may bake more than a month. Standard manufacturers in order to control the quality of products sold to different regions of the water content is not the same. Even so, in order to prevent the deformation of furniture, expansion joints or must be reserved, and some good technology manufacturers do more secret, it seems that it is a decorative gap.

And some manufacturers do solid wood furniture does not leave the expansion joints, do not leave does not mean that there is no. Because the manufacturers do not absolutely grasp the dry wood, the general moisture content of wood than the air content, so even if the production does not leave expansion joints, furniture will be finished after the seam.

Expansion joints in improving the life of solid wood furniture has played an important role, is the mahogany furniture, "self-protection system." Also, in most cases, there is no need to worry about the size of the expansion joints when the size of the expansion joints, most of the seasonal changes will restore the original appearance.