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Expansion Joint Should Use High-quality Durable Protective Material
Aug 15, 2017

The building expansion joint, i.e., the expansion joint, refers to a structural seam which is provided in a suitable part of the building or structural construction seam in order to prevent the building member from cracking or destruction of the structure due to the change in the temperature of the climate (thermal expansion, condensation). The expansion joints are divided into two separate parts, such as walls, floors, roofs (excluding wooden roofs), which are above the foundation, so that the building or structure can be scaled horizontally in the long direction.

To prevent housing from cracking due to climate change. The structure is: the length of the building along the direction of the distance to set a certain distance from the gap, the building from the roof, walls, floors and other components above the ground all broken, the building base due to its buried in the underground by the temperature changes are small disconnect. The width of the expansion joints is generally 20 mm to 30 mm, the gap filled with insulation material, the distance between the two expansion joints in the building structure specifications are clearly defined.

If the building plane size is too long, due to thermal expansion and contraction of the reason, may lead to excessive stress in the structure of the stress, the structure must be a certain length of the location of the building will be divided into several parts, the seam is the temperature seam. For different structural systems, different distance between the expansion joints, China's current norms of "concrete structure design specifications" GB50010-2010 in the 8.1 of this special provisions.

Overall design of expansion joints

Reasonable selection of the appropriate amount of expansion and contraction of the gap is extremely important, the greater the gap the more flexible devices are damaged. The use of the gap is too large or too small, and did not consider the installation of the temperature and adjust the gap. Especially for plate rubber telescopic device, easy to cause damage. Even the continuous deck, in the pavement pavement often also appear cracks. therefore. To take a pre-cutting deck, set the seam, or use a softer pavement to absorb cracks, or install a small telescopic device to solve. In the case of a large longitudinal slope, if the structure is not provided to accommodate the vertical displacement, it is liable to cause defects and cause damage. Since the telescopic device is long in the longitudinal direction of the bridge deck, even if the amount of expansion and contraction is small, there is a problem that the deflection is large, and therefore, attention is paid to the structure of the telescopic device. Telescopic device and the beam into a strong overall is undoubtedly an important means to improve its performance. In addition to the modular expansion and contraction devices other than the bridge telescopic device, and the bridge deck of the fixed, often not enough, the effect is not ideal, the general structure of small size, rigidity, and the characteristics of new materials, with Research is not enough depth, so in the selection should be sufficient comparative study. In order to prevent water leakage due to rainwater, although in some steel expansion joint devices, insert the seal rubber or the drainage or pavement layer as easy to clean the type, or fill in the entire gap fill Practical form of waterproof material. Rainwater with the bridge, the general should be in the telescopic device near the centralized drain; not on the daily maintenance of multiple painted components, the design should be used high-quality durable protective material for effective treatment.

The construction unit is required to lift the expansion joints in place to check the centerline and the beam center line coincide, the top and the road elevation is consistent, timely adjustment. The embedded steel and expansion joints anchor welded firmly, and then cross the 12 or 16 horizontal steel. Be sure to immediately remove the expansion joints positioning platen, chisel to locate the screws, and worn with a corner wheel welding scar, make up the paint. With adhesive tape or wood seal the top of the expansion joints seam, in the slot part of the pouring of 50 concrete; with plug-in vibration rod, fully vibrating dense. Wiping concrete overdue surface. With a ruler to check the top of the expansion joints, excessive, should be as smooth as possible with the road. Do a good job before the concrete can be opened to traffic. With the anti-collision wall, sidewalk structure of the expansion joints, the Senate the installation process operations.

Before installation should check whether the expansion of the factory certificate, the use of instructions, etc., and asked the supervision, design and related personnel on the appearance of the expansion joints, geometric accuracy inspection and acceptance, qualified before use. In the bridge on the line, cutting: according to the design position to release the middle of the expansion joints, and according to the design size from the midline position measured expansion joints concrete protection belt edge, with the concrete cutting machine cutting edge of the bridge asphalt concrete. In order to ensure trimming without damage, can be cut twice. The first cut distance from the protection zone with 5cm, to be poured before the concrete, and then along the exact edge of the second cut. Slice requirements straight, accurate, careful not to damage the bridge deck waterproof layer, the waterproof layer to be protected.

Must be carried out in time to clean up the bridge, fill the gap: manual with air compressor to remove the cutting range of asphalt concrete, and chisel in addition to loose concrete, while the suture clean clean. Stitch width must meet the design width requirements, after cleaning with benzene plate will be tightening joints tight. Restore the embedded anchor, the number of reserved steel to match the design drawings, if not consistent with timely repair welding. Re-clean with air compressor. In order to prevent the expansion of the expansion joints during the welding process burned foam board, can be in the foam board on both sides with steel or metal cover protection.