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Expansion Joint To Ensure The Use Of Building Properties
Jul 14, 2017

To prevent housing from cracking due to climate change. The structure is: the length of the building along the direction of the distance to set a certain distance from the gap, the building from the roof, walls, floors and other components above the ground all broken, the building base due to its buried in the underground temperature changes affect the small, do not disconnect. The width of the Expansion Joint is generally 2 cm to 3 cm, the gap filled with insulation materials, the distance between the two Expansion Joint in the building structure specifications are clearly defined.

If the building plane size is too long, due to thermal expansion and contraction of the reason, may lead to excessive stress in the structure of the stress, the structure must be a certain length of the location of the building will be divided into several parts, the seam is the temperature seam. For different structural systems, different distance between the Expansion Joint, China's current norms of "concrete structure design specifications" GB50010-2010 in the 8.1 of this special provisions.

The problem of thermal expansion and contraction We learned from school, but in life, there are a lot of building materials will be affected by changes in temperature, such as the summer will be inflated, and winter will shrink, especially some Wall, very annoying, and Expansion Joint manufacturers on this issue, for everyone to provide some of the expansion of the technology, so do not worry about the temperature of the problem.

Expansion Joint are used in many industries, basically on the structure of the house will use it, because the composition of the material determines it will be largely affected by the temperature. And in the construction before taking into account the Expansion Joint and fill a certain insulation material, we do not have to worry about,Expansion Joint manufacturers of the current process is the most advanced.

The plant for different housing location, respectively, can design a different Expansion Joint, respectively, for different treatment, but the general gap is about 2 cm, which is the industry consensus, if you are home decoration, then, we must also pay attention to this problem.

Whether in the northern region or in the southern region, China's construction and application will be appropriate Expansion Joint design. It is mainly to meet the north and south regions in different temperature environment, to ensure the use of building properties. In many hot areas of the building will change with the temperature and expansion, in a lot of Expansion Joint design is not strict parts will be prone to horizontal extrusion, resulting in the deformation of the form of the building, the most typical on the concrete roof design On, the resulting leakage phenomenon.

So in many construction, the deployment of Expansion Joint, although very small, but related to the design of the rationality. Wuxi Expansion Joint in the manufacturers brought together a variety of flexible industrial products processing technology, a great impact in the country.

In the new market environment, where the industrial technology with continuous technical upgrading and product placement performance, for people's technology practice and application brought a lot of material support. More and more construction industry began to pay attention and application of this kind of industrial technology applications.