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Main Functions Of The Expansion Joint
Dec 02, 2016

Prevent cracks due to climate change. Its practices are: reserved slot every certain distance length along the building, the building from the roof, walls, floors and other above-ground components all disconnected, building Foundation because its buried in the ground under the influence of temperature variation is small, don't disconnect. Joint width of typically 20 mm to 30 mm, gap filled with insulation materials, two spacing of expansion joints in the structure defined in the specification.

If the plane is too long, for the sake of expansion and contraction, which can lead to excessive thermal stress in the structure, in the structure of a certain length with joints the building is divided into several parts, the temperature of the joint seam. Different structures, different distance between expansion joints, current specification code for design of concrete structures in the GB50010-2010 article 8.1 have special provisions.