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On The Question Of Selection Of Compensator
Dec 02, 2016

Due to by the aspects of restricted is quite complex of, but any complex of tube Department are can selection several a fixed bracket in different of parts select different of set, will its into several shape relative simple of separate pipe, "z" type pipe and "II" type pipe,, and respectively determine the pipe of deformation and the compensation volume, due to compensation device of type many, right to selection is very important of, so in tube Department of General design Shi, should full to consider to pipeline of to and support system (including fixed tube frame, and Guide sliding tube racks) design and consider the shape and configuration of the Compensator, to achieve the best combination of security, reasonable and suitable, economical. Corrugated pipe compensator is to bellow as the core of a flexible component, in the pipeline for the axial, lateral and angular compensation in three directions. Axial compensator to reduce media self-induced phenomenon. In products internal no within casing, in is big degree Shang limit has radial compensation capacity, so general only to absorption or compensation pipeline of axis to displacement (if tube Department in the does needed few of radial displacement, can orders Shi be description its diameter maximum displacement volume): horizontal displacement compensation device (big lever) main absorption vertical Yu compensation device axis of horizontal displacement, small lever horizontal displacement compensation device for Yu absorption horizontal displacement, also can absorption axis to, and angle to and any three a direction displacement of combination: hinge compensation device (also said angle to compensation device). Supporting the use of two or three compensator (single use hinges compensator without compensation), to absorb a one-way in-plane lateral deformation, universal joints (angular) compensator, by supporting the use of two or three, can absorb three dimensional deformation.