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Overall Design Of Expansion Joint
Dec 02, 2016

Reasonable select appropriate expansion gap is extremely important, slot expansion device more easily destroyed. Gap is too large or too small, and does not take into account when installing the temperature and adjust the clearance. Especially for plate type rubber expansion device, easy to damage. Even if it is a continuous deck, often cracks on the pavement surface layer. So. Precut deck, set seams or cracks in soft layer to absorb, or install small extension device to solve. In the case of large longitudinal slope, if it is not set to consider Adaptive vertical displacement of structures, but also prone to defects, causing damage. Expansion joint along the deck longitudinal, even small amount of expansion, there are also questions of deflection-difference and, therefore, in the expansion joint structure to attention. Expansion device girder combined with strong overall is undoubtedly an important means to enhance the efficiency of its use. Other than modulus telescopic device type bridge expansion device, combined with the deck is fixed and often inadequate, the effect is not very ideal, general structure sizes smaller, rigidity and features, integration with other research on materials is not enough, and so the selection should be fully studied. To prevent due to rain water, although in some steel expansion joints, on site take insert rubber seal, or drainage or paving layer as a type of easy to clean, and filling in gaps to fill a whole waterproof material-practical. On the level with the rain, should be located near the expansion device focus water outlet; frequent painted not on daily maintenance components, designed to be made of high quality durable protection materials for effective treatment.