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Stainless Steel Chimneys Installation Is Very Simple And Fast
Sep 26, 2017

Have you ever experienced a brick chimney dregs experience? Do you have any risk of crossing the chimneys that are older than you? In fact, when the brick chimney off the slag off the problem, you can also use a word to describe: "We are all old and famous chimneys mainly by brick and concrete structure, outside the cement, wind Sun and rain, disrepair, the chimney's surface will fall off from time to time, dangerous. So how do you get rid of the brick chimney to bring our pain? The birth of stainless steel chimney is that we are far from the end of the "pain" of the key! 

  1, light weight

The weight of the stainless steel chimney is much lighter than that of the traditional chimney, which facilitates the transport of stainless steel chimneys, and the load on the building is relatively small, which is not available for brick chimneys and cement chimneys.

  2, easy to install

The installation of the stainless steel chimney is very simple and fast, and it is very easy to install it in a small space such as a high-rise building.

  3, good appearance

Stainless steel chimney looks bright and smooth, to adapt to the current architectural design style, and architectural support, will become a beautiful city sculpture.

  4, good performance

Stainless steel chimney has good air tightness, corrosion resistance, can have heat, heat and resistance to the role of small, the use of this chimney is very safe.

  5, easy to maintain

Do not have regular anti-corrosion treatment, and long life, usually more than 30 years of service life.

  6, short duration

Stainless steel chimney production process all in the automation and special equipment on the high quality to provide a variety of chimney components. Products in the production process mainly in the ground, fast, light labor intensity, compared with the traditional chimney, the construction period is greatly shortened.